REMIND vs. REMEMBER (and the causative verb MAKE)

“Remind” and “remember” are easily confused, and can be difficult to use correctly. However, close attention to a few details helps us differentiate them, and how to use them.

REMIND: “Remind” is used when something triggers (or fails to trigger) memory from outside the mind.


REMEMBER: “Remember” is used when the memory is (or isn’t) retrieved independently from inside the mind.


This song __________ me of my childhood . (reminds) ALT = makes me remember / makes me think of

Listening to this song makes me _____________  some events from my childhood. (remember) ALT = reminds me of/ think of

That story _____________ me of an experience I had long ago. (reminds)  ALT = makes me think of/remember

Do you ________________ when and where we first met? (remember)

I often forget to turn off my office PC at the end of the day. Could you please __________ me to do it before I leave the office today? (remind) ALT = help me remember

I can’t ______________ where I parked my car. (remember)

I need to _____________ you that the meeting time has been changed to 11:00. Don’t forget. (remind) ALT = You need to remember

I can never ______________ when to speak during the meeting, so please ______________ me when it’s my turn to speak. (remember / remind)

Did you ________________ to submit the report before the deadline? I sent you a reminder about it. (remember)

You __________ me of your mother sometimes. I _____________ her personality well, and you are a lot like her. (remind / remember)

I have been using a virtual assistant, because I need a ______________ to help me _____________to take my medicine.

He needs to be _____________ that the deadline is on Friday.