“Global Anthem” by Mother Earth (in Chamorro)

I tanu i tatatau hu (The earth is my body)

I hanom i haga hu (The water is my blood)

I manglo i hinagon hu (The wind is my breath)

I guaf i, i guaf i, i gauf i (and the fire, oh the fire, and the fire is…)

Anti hu, anti hu, ANTI HU, anti hu, oh (…my spirit, my spirit, MY SPIRIT, my spirit, oh)

Anti hu, anti hu, yeah (My spirit, my spirit, yeah)

Mother Earth speaks and she wants us to know: this earth is her body; this water is her blood; this wind is her breath; and this fire is her spirit. The creatures of the different kingdoms sing in unison the words of Mother Earth and beckon us move in rhythm and join them in harmony.