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Botticelli’s Bastard
by Stephen Maitland-Lewis

Historical Fiction / Magical Realism

Botticelli's Bastard

Art restorer Giovanni Fabrizzi is haunted by an unsigned renaissance portrait. Obsessed to learn the truth of its origin, he becomes increasingly convinced the painting could be the work of one of history’s greatest artists, which if true, would catapult its value to the stratosphere. But in learning of the painting’s past, he is faced with a dilemma. He believes the portrait was stolen during the greatest art heist in history—the Nazi plunder of European artwork. If true and a surviving relative of the painting’s rightful owner were still alive, Giovanni, in all good conscience, would have to give up the potential masterpiece. His obsession with the portrait puts a strain on his new marriage, and his son thinks his father has lost his mind for believing an unremarkable, unsigned painting could be worth anyone’s attention. Regardless, Giovanni persists in his quest of discovery and exposes far more truth than he ever wanted to know.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9832596-8-8 / $24.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9832596-9-5 / $14.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9915084-0-2 / $5.99 USD

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Dead Forever: The Complete Trilogy
by William Campbell

Science Fiction / Metaphysical

Dead Forever: The Complete Trilogy

In a distant past, an immortal rebel is mind-washed to wipe his memory of reincarnation, left to believe he is only a body, the urges of which he fails to control until realizing the hints provided by his dreams and subconscious. Rescued by an oddball crew of fellow rebels, he reclaims scraps of memory and launches a mission to locate other victims of the mind-wash from which he escaped, only to learn his comrades are banished to a lonely corner of the galaxy. His quest takes him to a planet where the inhabitants regard him as a god, complicating his efforts to save their world, and his visit leads to a trap devised by his nemesis, who hopes to confine the hero to Earth for eternity. Reincarnated into Cold War America, the hero is unruly as a child, and once an adult, he encounters friends and foes from his past lives, sparking the memory of a decision he made eons earlier that has battled him for lifetimes.

E-book ISBN 978-0-9915084-1-9 / $5.99 USD

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by Stephen Maitland-Lewis

Financial Thriller


2013 USA Best Book Awards finalist

Having it all will never be enough for George Tazoli, an ambitious dealer on the trading floor of a prominent California bank. He is hand-picked for a special assignment to sell off bad loans, but not because he is dating the daughter of the bank’s president, rather for his skill at working the market. The promotion sends him to New York, putting a strain on his relationship, but then a scandalous discovery lures him into the gamble of a lifetime. George must gauge the risks—his direct superior is the bank’s president and his potential father-in-law, who is married to an heiress worth billions, all the more reason for George to vow his fidelity. Back at the bank’s headquarters, the president and his father, the chairman and grandfather of George’s LA girlfriend, are embroiled in a long-standing feud with another family of stockholders competing for control of the bank. The boardroom tension and ultimate showdown keeps everyone busy while George makes difficult choices that will teach him a lesson learned the hard way—even wealth has a price.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9832596-5-7 / $27.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9832596-6-4 / $16.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9832596-7-1 / $4.99 USD

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Emeralds Never Fade
by Stephen Maitland-Lewis

Historical Fiction

Emeralds Never Fade

2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards winner
2011 Written Arts Awards winner

Before World War II, two German boys enjoy playing piano, and one visits each week to teach the other. When the Nazis seize power, the lessons must end—one of the boys is Jewish. Leo Bergner, the Jewish pupil, escapes Germany while his piano teacher, Bruno Franzmann, is called to serve the Fatherland. As the war ends, Bruno escapes to Buenos Aires and Leo begins a career in banking, only to uncover a conspiracy of Jewish persecution that puts him in direct opposition to his beloved Israel, while also jeopardizing his career, his marriage, and his life. In Argentina, Bruno hatches an unscrupulous plot to finance a multi-national corporation, and in time, his efforts require a business trip to London—his first visit to Europe since he escaped. After forty years, a lost family heirloom will decide their fate.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9832596-2-6 / $25.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9832596-3-3 / $14.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9832596-4-0 / $4.99 USD

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The Editor’s Lexicon:
Essential Writing Terms for Novelists
by Sarah Cypher

Non-fiction: Reference/Writing Skills; Reference/Dictionaries

The Editor's Lexicon: Essential Terms for Novelists

Become a revision-savvy writer with the help of The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Writing Terms for Novelists. It decodes, defines, and provides helpful examples of the editorial jargon used in writing workshops, critiques, and online forums. Written by an experienced editor and writing teacher, this dictionary-style reference book is a fundamental guide for writers across the spectrum of experience—from new writers learning the craft, to seasoned nonfiction writers working on a first novel, to intermediate-level authors wishing to sharpen their technical skills.

In the tradition of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, The Editor’s Lexicon is a concise, indispensable reference volume for every author’s shelf.

5" x 8" paperback ISBN 978-0-9717960-2-7 / $9.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9832596-1-9 / $5.99 USD

Resonance: Dead Forever Book 3
by William Campbell

Science Fiction / Metaphysical

Resonance: Dead Forever Book 3

Sentence: Life on Earth. A boy recalls a past beyond his birth, but adults dismiss the fantasy as the overactive imagination of a child in need of therapy and medication. As an adult, his notions prove true when he encounters friends and foes from a distant past, also reincarnated on Earth. But after countless lifetimes, identity loses clarity. Who is friend and who is foe? His quest remains—find the love of all his lives. The hero is plunged into a world of deception and narcotics, illicit and prescribed. A fugitive, he is stalked by police while scheming to outsmart his nemesis. Gunshots, shattered glass and deadly falls are survived with ancient technology drawn from memory, and aided by trusted allies, he becomes a match for his one true enemy. Or so he thinks. Sequel to Awakening and Apotheosis, Resonance concludes the Dead Forever trilogy.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9717960-8-9 / $25.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9717960-9-6 / $15.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9832596-0-2 / $2.99 USD

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Apotheosis: Dead Forever Book 2
by William Campbell

Science Fiction / Metaphysical

Apotheosis: Dead Forever Book 2

A god? No thanks, too much responsibility. Sequel to Awakening, the hero is plunged into an alien world at war and natives who either regard him as a god or another heretic fit to burn. The hero fights to bring peace among chaos but his nemesis has arrived, and he likes playing god, poised to launch unthinkable wrath that fulfills a world-ending prophecy. A duel of the gods will decide the planet’s fate, and the natives are confident their savior will prevail. Back home, the rebels are under siege and the body supply is depleted, more of all the hero is expected to fix. He hatches a daring plot to outsmart the enemy, risking his own life and the last body to enjoy as a free soul. A single choice could spell his end, for real this time. Apotheosis continues the Dead Forever trilogy, followed by Resonance.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9717960-4-1 / $26.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9717960-5-8 / $16.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9717960-6-5 / $2.99 USD

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Awakening: Dead Forever Book 1
by William Campbell

Science Fiction / Metaphysical

Awakening: Dead Forever Book 1

Imagine a world where death is merely an inconvenience. A new body awaits and we resume living, fully aware of the past, but at a price—eternal life as slaves to masters who forbid individuality. For rebels who refuse to conform, the final solution is perpetual amnesia, removing all knowledge of past lives. One victim of the memory-wipe struggles to decipher his dreams and regain his sense of identity, only to learn of the hero he should be and what it means to occupy a body—the sexual urges, escapism through intoxication, and the sense of self for a body, entirely different for a soul. This exploration of memory, dreams and the subconscious is also an action adventure as the hero faces dire challenges, joined by an oddball crew of fellow rebels whose allegiance is questionable. Awakening begins the Dead Forever trilogy, followed by Apotheosis and Resonance.

6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9717960-1-0 / $24.95 USD
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9717960-2-7 / $14.95 USD
E-book ISBN 978-0-9717960-3-4 / $2.99 USD

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